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Use your carbon footprint to make Sustainability your business asset.

CRX is a Carbon Asset Management consultancy. We began as a homegrown Singaporean enterprise in 2003, in the tumultuous days of the early carbon markets. Our experience since adds a layer of astuteness to determining opportunities, which ultimately benefits our clients.


We serve the business imperative of a low-carbon state: we navigate issues of compliance & policy, structure methodologies for profit & loss, introduce additional revenue streams, and catalyse the potential for brand enhancements.


Through these efforts, we help our clients towards a low-carbon state —and at world class levels. Not only does this progress their business resilience, but sets them apart as thought leaders.

Our Milestones

“ ...I see the world as one big nation, where everyone in it is a citizen, so it is our responsibility to make it better.”
• Nurudeen Ushawu •


Originated more than 100 Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects


Designed & deployed world's first Carbon Credit auction module


Singapore International Chamber of Commerce chair on CSR committee/circular economy commission


Launched CRX CarbonBank bidding module at COP21, Paris


Originated Sunseap CDM Program of Activites (PoA)


Originated RE-Electrify CDM PoA

Let a low-carbon approach prosper you through the valleys and peaks of your business landscape.

Our Clients

Our clients have triggered economic and differentiation opportunities through our carbon abatement strategies.

Looking for a first-class Carbon Strategy?