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Make a business asset out of your carbon footprint.

Since 2003

CRX is a Carbon Asset Management consultancy. CRX has its origins in the early 2000s, and has developed into a respected carbon consultancy. Through decarbonization, our clients meet targets in compliance, revenue and ESG. CRX has its base in Singapore.

Our core team and affiliates reflect our diversity, entrepreneurship and purpose. Our aim is to deliver beneficial business solutions with sustainability. These solutions are often derived from our Clients’ existing business models. Our solutions address policy, sustainability and revenue, which also avail our clients to making enhancements to their brand.

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Our Milestones

“ ...I see the world as one big nation, where everyone in it is a citizen, so it is our responsibility to make it better.”
• Nurudeen Ushawu •


Originated more than 100 Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects


Designed & deployed world's first Carbon Credit auction module


Singapore International Chamber of Commerce chair on CSR committee/circular economy commission


Launched CRX CarbonBank bidding module at COP21, Paris


Originated Sunseap CDM Program of Activites (PoA)


Originated RE-Electrify CDM PoA

Let a low-carbon approach prosper you through the valleys and peaks of your business landscape.

Our Clients

Our clients have triggered economic and differentiation opportunities through our carbon abatement strategies.

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