"The fundamental law of human beings is interdependence.
A person is a person through other persons."
-- Archbishop Desmond Tutu


Climate Resources Exchange (CRX) is a carbon asset management and consulting firm for which we enable a sound business case for sustainability and long-term resilience.

As Article 6 of the Paris Agreement being negotiatated by the end of 2019, we will further develop our strategy in assisting our clients in Carbon Pricing Economics, and in policies designed to adapt to catastrophic climate change.

CRX is the premier carbon mitigation asset management and consultancy team in ASEAN, and strategically based in Singapore with 7 offshore representative offices. Before terms like “sustainability”, “going green” and “circularity” became popular notions, CRX was already on a modern-day mission to rekindle the frugality of our forebears. We invite you to join us on your journey towards resilience.

Our Milestones

"The supreme reality of our time is our common vulnerability on this planet"
-- John F. Kennedy


Originated more than 100 Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects


Designed & Deployed world's first carbon credit auction module


Singapore International Chamber of Commerce chair on CSR committee/circular economy commission


Launched CRX CarbonBank bidding module at COP21, Paris


Originated Sunseap CDM Program of Activites (PoA)


Originated RE-Electrify CDM PoA

CRX has a committed and synergistic team of carbon specialists. We work for the common good of impacting the environment in ways which are conducive for companies of all types. Since our beginnings, we’ve keep the mentality of a start-up company for the continual refresh this industry needs, so as to remain a challenger of the status quo.

Would you like to grow with us and experience our clients gaining traction in a resource-challenged world?

Our Clients

Our distinguished clients have triggered economic and differentiation opportunities, that have become uniquely available through our carbon abatement strategies.

Looking for a first-class Carbon Strategy?