The SUNSEAP group was founded by friends Frank Phuan and Lawrence Wu, with the aim of delivering affordable and sustainably sourced energy in Singapore. They have since grown, and are the undisputed pioneers in offering solar leasing models to Singapore.

The first of the Group’s three entities, SunSeap Leasing, was incorporated in 2011 to provide rooftop solutions to the masses. At the time, the cost of Solar PV technology was much higher than it is today. The concept of leasing was not prevalent in this part of the world. The concept, though proven elsewhere, would have to be customised for Singapore’s own considerations. The leasing model allows organizations of all types to access affordable clean solar energy efficiently.

Starting the Solar PV concept in Singapore positioned SUNSEAP to secure Solar Nova, which is a Singapore government-led initiative for Solar PV to be installed on HDB rooftops across the island.

SUNSEAP has since grown to many offices outside Singapore: Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, India, Malaysia, and Australia.

CRX has partnered with SUNSEAP to provide additional revenue from Certified Emissions Reductions (CERs) with accompanying environmental attributes, widening the scope for a greater return on equity. With our assistance in generating CERS for SUNSEAP, they are able to accelerate more solar PV farms around ASEAN.

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